Friday, July 30, 2010

Our Big Girl

My baby turned 3 this week. Meet Holliday, or Holly, as we usually call her. :)

Yes, she is a fur-covered, 65 pound dog. The husband and I don't have kids, but I'm pretty sure this pup has made it her job to sufficiently prepare us for parenthood.

For example, here's an actual conversation we had this morning:

Husband: Did the baby sleep through the night?

Me: Yes! Three nights in a row with no wake-ups. She cried for a new minutes because her stuffed animal got stuck in the footboard, but she went right back to sleep.


She hates to be left. She loves to sit on my lap. She cries when she doesn't get what she wants. She's our girl.

And yes, as you may have also suspected, she is a pit-bull/boxer mix. I have actually gotten the question, "Are you going to get rid of her when you have kids?"

Well, do you plan to get rid of your older kids when you have a new one?

I take these questions very personally. To me, she is not just a dog. Or a "vicious pit bull." She is my baby.

She's very rarely been around small children, so she doesn't really know how to respond and gets skittish and nervous. So, she's never around children unsupervised.

And, she's not great with dogs, either. She's super protective of her people and her toys, and sees other dogs as a threat.

So, she's always supervised in these situations.


She's my love. She's so happy to see me when I get home, her tail spins around like a helicopter. She kisses my face every morning. She lays in bed with me when I'm sick, sad, or overwhelmed.

She's part of the family.

Happy Birthday, Girl!



  1. i know i'm late on commenting on this post, but holly is incredibly adorable. so huggable. happy belated birthday holly!

  2. OMG, that face! And happy belated birthday!!!

  3. haha thanks ladies. She continues to celebrate all her birthdays and non-birthdays by being endlessly spoiled :)