Monday, July 26, 2010

Great. full.

I've been having a suck day. For starters, I'm not feeling well. I have a headache, sinus pressure, and feel overall ICK. Job stress also overshadows all (being available 24/7 is wearing me down hard), with money worries a close second. So instead of continuing to wallow in this Oh my goodness, how do I get through this panic, I'm trying to focus on the things that are going right. Because I'm utterly overwhelmed.

It feels like this:

1. I am healthy. Despite all the doctor bills and cavities and whatnot, and despite gaining almost 12 pounds since the wedding (I have since lost 3)....I am healthy. Anything that has happened with me has been expensive, but relatively minor in the gran scheme of things.

2. I own my house. My AC may be on the fritz, and I complain about wanting to add a master bedroom/bathroom etc., but this is OUR house, we own it, and this fills me with pride and joy. It's the biggest purchase we've ever made. It's adorable and has a bright fuchsia crepe myrtle in front that makes me smile when I come home, especially in the fall.

3. My relationship with my husband is fantastic. No matter how sucky this funk may be, he is always there to support me and stick things out!

4. My family is ridiculously resilient and supportive. We're just not genetically wired to stay down for too long!

5. This one may sound a little dumb, but my car. The little Hyundai that could. My 2003 Hundai accent, the tiny two-door adorable blue car that I was so proud of when I graduated still ticking. It runs great, it's paid off, it doesn't take a lot of gas, and the sight of it still makes me smile.

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