Monday, July 26, 2010

Things That I Initially Checked Out Because of My Desire to be Cool, and Actually Fell in Love with.

So, according to the title, does that make me actually cool? Although, the fact that I'm admitting this deducts at least 100 cool points, I'm sure.

1. The movie Amelie. I thought the French subtitles seemed cool, and my very cool Indie-alternative friend/more-than-friend? at the time had recommended it. So therefore I watched it with him. Love. At. First. Sight. It is now my favorite ever.

*Thank you Brittany, for reminding me of it this week :)

2. My Chuck Taylor Converse All-Stars. Ah, the ubiquitous shoes. I originally bought these in college, because I had gained The Freshman 15 times 2, and buying shoes was the one thing I could do without a weight-shame spiral. These shoes have an endless cool quotient with me....well, they did, until my dog chewed through the soles....but I've repurchased these twice already due to my unwavering devotion, so no reason to think I'm stopping now.

3. Telling people what I do at my job. I initially got involved in this field because I thought it sounded cool. But the telling people what I do--this is tricky. It can either elevate me to ultimate "whoa, people actually do that?" cool status, or have the opposite effect, "where's the nearest exit?"

I am a home based therapist. I work primarily (although not exclusively) with juvenile sex offenders and abused foster children. So, which was your gut response?

4. Sunglasses. These make me feel instantly cool, even if I'm wearing clothes a sane person should never leave the house in. Now I can't leave the house without them because they apparently prevent wrinkles around your eyes (yay!) but also because I feel naked.

5. Ireland. I had never been out of the country at the time, but I did a study abroad in Ireland in 2003 because of my nagging desire to do something cool and tell others about it. It was awesome. Instant love. Combine #5, the soundtrack to #1, and #2, and I was totally walking on sunshine during that trip.

And, that's all for now, but observation: apparently this is a day for lists. :)



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