Friday, September 3, 2010

City Dog vs Country Opossum!

Yesterday, I was awakened at 3am to an insane barking noise, and frantic screaming in an odd Spanglish-type configuration. Then I noticed that neither my dog, nor my husband are in the bed. Shit. I stumbled to the back door in my sleep-fog. Husband was standing on the stoop, and dog was freaking OUT at a large overgrown tree-shrub-bush in our yard (we've hacked that thing down twice, and it can't be killed!).

Apparently, the dog had chased a hissing, snarling Opossum into the tree-bush, and was fiercely trying to get it!

Did I mention this was 3am? My old-lady-nosey-nelly next door turned her lights on to see what was going on. At this point, yelling and screaming at the dog to cease and desist was not working. I yelled at husband, go get some water! He headed for the hose, which was taking far too long. I ran inside, grabbed a water bottle, and poured it on the dog. She ran away from the tree and I got her inside, all without a scratch from the hissing, scary, rat-beast rodent.

It was at this point, under full view of the neighbor's peepers, that I realized:

I was totally in my underwear.

She must have been pretty surprised :)

Hope your day was eventful!

Love, Steph

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