Monday, September 6, 2010

Post-Wedding Diet

Seems a little wrong writing this right after downing homemade Strawberry Shortcake f0r dinner, but I'm keeping it real. (In my head there's the phrase, "when keeping it real goes wrong," like on Dave Chappelle) :)

For some, the acronym PWD stands for Post-Wedding-Depression. Not for me, thank goodness. I didn't sob into my wedding gown when the day was just felt like the end of a really satisfying party. I actually have the opposite problem. I have gained, what I call the happy-pounds, like when you've been hanging out with your boyfriend, cuddling on the couch, munching chips, etc.

So, happy pounds or not, I have gained 11 pounds since the wedding. That does not make me happy! It's enough of a weight gain that my jeans are uncomfortable and I want to put on yoga pants every morning--can't though, damn job! :)

Fortunately for me, mid-September always feels like a fresh start...actually more so than January, because all I wanna do then is hibernate. This does not mean that I'm turning this into a diet-blog. It just means that every so often I'll be using this to track my progress and my attempt to get back to my wedding weight (if not 2-3 pounds lower).

Since we are also on a post-wedding tight budget, I can't just throw out the junk in my cupboards and fill it all with apples and cottage cheese, but I'm going to make a valiant effort to cook healthy meals (my husband has the post wedding happy pounds as well...), and conquer one of my biggest hurdles....getting off the couch and getting to the gym.

Hopefully those happy pounds will melt away to reveal my happy weight!


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  1. Hi Stephanie, so excited you found my blog and became a follower! I totally understand about the post wedding weight, I definitely gained some extra weight after my hubby and I got married in 2008. I have some "healthier" recipes on my blog I hope you check out! :) Let me know if you end up trying any and good luck with the weight loss!!