Thursday, June 3, 2010

One Month-versary!

So I've never been one to celebrate the "month" marks. One year, sure, party down! But one month? Not so much. BUT! In the past (first) month, we have gotten through so much crap, I figured it was worth celebrating :) Hey, Britney Spears had a marriage that lasted like three days, so I'll take what I can get!

So after much deliberation and thought, actually about 5 minutes worth, we (I) decided that instead of demolishing the entire top of our cake after one year, we would cut 12 slices and have one per month. Let's face it, who can really eat the whole top of a cake on their anniversary? So J picked up the frozen cake from his mom's house, and we planned to eat it after dinner.

*so, um technically our anniversary was on the first, and said events took place on the second, but I know you'll forgive me...right?*

I wish I'd taken a picture of it with the roses and hydrangeas frozen to it :)

After he cut the layer of flowers off, it pretty much looked like this:

Oh you wanted a back view too? :) Your wish is my command!

Haha! So after that I peeled off and tossed that nasty fondant gumminess(which I hadn't even ordered, but anyway...), and J sliced up 12 portions of deliciousness. It was so yummy that we ate our slice before dinner! Chocolate and vanilla with raspberry cream! Mmmmmmm!

So now instead of a hot landslide looking mess, it is neatly sliced and stored in the freezer.

Happy one month! :)


  1. awesome idea. We forgot about our wedding topper until like 3 months after our year and we got it and it was NASTY, it didn't look, or taste good...and let me tell you I LOVE SOME CAKE.haha
    Glad something is working in your favor.

  2. Good idea with the cake! We didn't save our cake top... I guess we are pretty lame! HA!

  3. What a great idea! Very clever.