Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dressing Disasters....

So this morning started out as any other morning...snooze, roll, snooze, roll, finally get up... except I actually did my hair and wore a cute skirt! So I get a new windshield put on my car (in the driveway!) and snag a soda on the way to work. One turn later, and said soda is in my LAP, and I had to drive back home and change. It wouldn't have sucked so bad if this wasn't the SECOND time this week that I had to change out of something cute because it absorbed the entire contents of my cup!

And people wonder why It's usually jeans, t-shirt, repeat.

Here's me in a crazily awkward position, looking like a baby diaper leaked in my lap. Two points if you noticed the awesome dog paw on the bottom right*....I love that sweet angel, even though she wanted to eat windshield guy's face :)

*I totally wrote "left" first :)

Any tips on how to get out the door looking halfway decent?

The Mrs.


  1. Love the new look of your blog... NICE! Totally stinks when you spill on yourself and have to change... especially when you like what you're wearing!

  2. I suggest a sippy cup :) I love you! YAY! Tttts!

  3. hahaha thanks guys--mom, I will try a sippy cup next time.

    Erin--Thanks for the feedback! I've been playing with the settings. :)