Monday, June 14, 2010

I Know You Weren't Born in a Barn--Confessions

Yes. I uttered, actually shouted, these words a few weeks ago, at the poor poor in, "I know you weren't born in a barn!"

Sometimes things come out of my mouth, and I think, " Did my Grandmother just possess my body?!? Is this the Dick Van Dyke show? WTF?" Granted, he DID leave an empty cookie wrapper beside the empty cookie box one foot away from the trash can.... ;)This prompted an all-out fussing war about ALL THINGS STUPID.

It went a lil something like:

But you never throw away the used dryer sheets!

Yes, but your underwear are right next to the hamper--how much work is it to move it three inches?!?

Close the shower curtain when you're done, it collects mildew!


I will let you guess who is guilty of what! :)

Of course five minutes later, I was apologizing and laughing to myself about exactly how idiotic I sounded.

There are definitely some things that I've said I would never do or say. One of them was definitely that I never wanted to sound like some crazy tv wife. But one of the reasons cliche' arguments are on TV, movies, and on your neighbors' front lawn, is that....every married couple has dumb arguments like this! I'm just glad our problems are this small and dumb. :)

Love, The Mrs.


  1. The shower curtain thing really burns my bottom.urgh. CLOSE THE DAMN SHOWER CURTAIN it looks messy on-top of Mildew..EWWWWWW.
    Good luck.