Saturday, October 9, 2010

Wedding Season

*this is me, kissing my groom."Father Joe, can I kiss him yet?!?"

Our "wedding season" this year began with Seth and Katina's gorgeous, formal, Greek Orthodox affair in April. Ours was a Catholic afternoon ceremony with a Navy base reception a few weeks later. Fast forward two more weeks--Greg and Chrystal's oceanside ceremony and beach house reception. Within a month of that--Alex and Elaine's Catholic ceremony and hotel reception! Last weekend was Cassie and Joseph's outdoor wedding ceremony and Navy base reception, and on Thursday we are traveling to the Kentucky/Ohio border for Derek and Leslie's rose garden ceremony and lunchtime reception.

Am I sick of weddings at this point?

No. Way! :)

Out of those weddings, we were of course, COMPLETELY immersed in our own, Juan and I were both in one, and he's also in this weekend's upcoming shindig--which we are driving 10 hours each way for--which in itself, will be a roadtrip adventure!

I think that having our own wedding had definitely made me more aware of how to act/dress/behave and generally be AWARE at other people's weddings. Not RSVP'ing in a timely manner--a BIG nono and headache. RSVP'd? Unless you or your child is very ill, you better show up, smiling, and at least eat the dinner I paid for! :)

I also enjoy being at a wedding with my husband, and hearing the (not the same, but similar) vows over and over. There's definitely more connection to the ceremony, tradition, and the power of the event itself! I also definitely notice the details more. The ribbons that family members spent hours trying. The cake that was so lovingly tasted and worried over. The frustrated feelings of wanting to have the wedding YOU want, and fretting over the wedding that others expect.

And yes, weddings are expensive for the couple, expensive for the wedding party, and can be expensive for the guests, depending on travel/hotel/etc. But they are so much about celebrating the individual couple, that I've still gotten butterflies at every wedding I've been to this year. That's not to say I have always been in a perfect mood, the entire time, at every single moment. But. There's just that wonderful magic of new beginnings and happiness at weddings...I hope I never get tired of this feeling.




  1. You make your mama incredibly happy you know. You do my heart and soul good with your writings and with the woman you are and are becoming. Steve and I feel a great deal of peace and pride when we think of you and Jay in your little house living your little lives...You just don't know how much we love you and Jay and just the thought of you together. We love you :)

  2. Steph I am so proud of you. You have grown up to be such a beautiful woman and wife to Jay.I can not wait for that day I hear you are with child you will make your No# 2 dad so happy.Love you!!!!!!!!!