Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fashion Smashion

On my current quest to be a fabulous, fit, stylish wife, I am trying to be more fashionable. Hmm. Now all 3 of you who read this will start scrutinizing my clothes.... :)

However, I lack the resources (i.e., cash) to make said goal fully attainable, so I'm trying to use what I have, and fill in the rest from T.J. Maxx, Stein Mart, Marshall's, and similar stores where I can get a dress, top, and cute belt for $40 total. (For serious!) This got me thinking.

In high school, I was completely jeans-and-t-shirt all day all the time. Okay, okay, a hooded sweatshirt or sweater would make it into the rotation if it was chilly, but I even hated jackets and coats (except for the completely too big suede jacket I begged for in 8th grade and wore daily--lucky for you, I can't find a picture of it). I definitely did not win Best Dressed, if you get my drift. Actually, I think the only time I wore a dress was at graduation. Somehow, I was still mid-range on the popularity scale, which continues to be a mystery to me.

However, despite being a complete fashion moron, I had to have the NAMES. The LABELS. The BRANDS. If I'm gonna wear a t-shirt, it better have somebody's name on it!

After college, where my desperate lack of style, (and broke-ness) continued, this thinking completely reversed. I noticed the trend shifting one day when I was comparing flats with my friends, and we chatted about who got the cutest shoes for the cheapest price. Your outfit was actually cooler if you got a bargain on it! Bought your dress for $3 at a thrift store and made it look amazing? 1,000 cool points!

This was an awesome revelation for my mindset, and especially for my poor, sad credit card. I also discovered the emotional junk behind the spending. When I gained weight, I bought clothes. Felt sad? bought clothes. Or actually, underwear, socks, and shoes, because none of these really required the dreaded try-on in the dressing room. And so it continued, until I began losing weight during and after college, and realized that nothing I bought would cover up how miserable I felt about myself at times.

So, maybe it's not really a "Fashion To-Do List," but a "Continue to Be Confident in who I am List," where I only buy clothes that make me feel good about myself. I used to think a girl had to be thin and tall to pull off cute clothes, so why should I even bother? But, now that I'm rounding towards my 30's, I actually feel BETTER about myself, despite being short and curved. It's been a total growing up process.

But, then again.......I could probably just give full credit to my husband, who thinks my ass looks hot in everything! Having someone tell you you're gorgeous every day sure doesn't hurt. :)



  1. I don't think too many people dressed really well in high school back in the day... you're definitely not the only one! I look back and laugh at some of the things I wore that I "thought" were cool. Silly me! I like your hubby comment... it's the best when you have a soulmate who thinks you are fabulous looking no matter what. My husband appreciated my curves and I'm thankful for that. I used to want to be stick skinny but I can appreciate my curves/hour glass figure a whole lot more when my hubby loves me the way I am. CHEERS to amazing hubbies! Oh... and just wait till you get pregnant and you feel super fat and ugly... a great hubby will still love your preggo body and make you feel good about it. :)

  2. You my dear are and have always been beautiful :) Even if you dress in a sack cloth...your smile, the joy you have now, and the absolute "I'm so in Love" look you have in your eyes not to mention the greatest hair of all time...You will still shine :) It's a rare gift you have and just wait...Your best is yet to be! We (women in our family) don't become our best until we reach about 35-37 and then we can rock that for quite sometime! So enjoy! YAY! ps. Buy on sale :)

  3. I enjoyed reading this post! My husband is the same way! P.S. Wanted to post my comment on your Eating Clean post but cldn't for some reason so starting reading older posts. Just wanted to say I agree with you there as well ... Eating Clean elevates the mood so much that it feel like life is changing for good! :)